About Me

I switched from watercolour painting to photography some years ago. The more I observed my natural surroundings through the lens, the more I became at one with them. Cornwall is rich in natural beauty and a history you can still touch.

There is a saying, "the wood-chopper gets warmed twice", and anyone will understand what I mean if they have sat motionless in the woods by a badger's sett, waiting for night to fall, watching the mist rising over a neighbouring field, and hearing the owls starting to call. Or waited for the full moon to rise over an ancient granite monument, with the last glow of the sunset on the opposite horizon. If you manage to capture the moment on camera, that's an added bonus.

I hope you enjoy my images and can imagine being there with me. You may want to order greetings cards or canvasses, and I am happy to discuss commissions to photograph places special to you, or your ancestral Cornish locations.


Disappearing Causeway, St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall.
Bluebells at South Wheal Frances, Cornwall.
Portreath Beach, Cornwall.
Misty Sunset over the North Cliffs, Cornwall.